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About us

Our group offers industrial solutions at the service of the environment, and we have become a European leader in recycling waste paper.
Our mission is to develop our business interests, also by acquiring other companies in the sector, in order to extend our organisation and broaden our business scope with professionalism and passion in full accordance with our values.

To be recognised at an international level as a reference point for recycling waste paper and all other recyclable or non-recyclable materials.

Charter of values

We aim to share our values and attitudes with optimism, courage and creativity, reaching the hearts and minds of our contacts to bring mutual satisfaction.

We seek to pay attention, accept and understand people through their freedom to act and think to achieve common objectives by creating and experiencing syntonic eco-friendly relationships.

We work using strength of will, sacrifice, perseverance and expertise to achieve our mission and vision coherently.

We aim to carry out well-defined projects and reach clear objectives to obtain tangible measurable results.

We want to live each day with the knowledge that our actions lead to consequences which we must respond to with clarity and credibility towards others and ourselves.